The Re:Share Concept

The investment project has a working title "The Flex -R lounge" and is the first phase of the overall strategy for renovation and improvement of the common areas in the complex - "Re: Share by Revetas". It is expected to generate a total of 150 new workstations, which includes redesigning parts of the building, as well as adding additional recreation areas around the park. The mission of the project is to encourage companies and their employees to expand beyond their traditional workspace, be it in the new separate lounge area, on a park bench or around the lake. The developed project for flexible work is aimed at companies that can and want to try a variety of solutions for their employees without renting additional office space. The result is a reduction in office density by introducing flexible workstations in common areas as a convenience where people can work undisturbed, make phone calls, communicate or just relax.

Revetas Capital plans to implement the Re: Share concept in its portfolio, combining innovative design concepts, amenities and functionalities. Effective use of common and surrounding areas aims to reduce density and create flexible workstations and recreation areas. At the same time, the investment guarantees the highest safety and health precautions.

300 sqm

Gross Area

50 stations

Working station


Boarding room

The flex-R Lounge

With a total area of ​​300 square meters and a height of 15 meters, the new space for flexible work is equipped with everything you need for a high-tech work process - fast wireless internet, electricity to each station, modern and adaptive furniture. In accordance with all requirements for distance and safety, the work areas will be separated by plexiglass partitions. There is also a small library with books and magazines on various topics. All these improvements are intended to provide a new and different experience in the office. They are inspired by the need to integrate elements of personal life into the work environment, comply with health regulations and are an innovative solution for companies and employees for whom working from home has proved challenging.



Individual as well as team flexible work options
“Home feeling” atmosphere

Free Wi-Fi

Comfortable seating options

Individual board room for 10 people – for options to book please send request to

The space complies with all requirements for distance and safety

  • The Flex-R lounge

    With a total area of 300 square meters and a height of 15 m, the new space for mobile work is equipped with everything you need for high-tech - Wireless internet, up to any station, modern and adaptive furniture.Combined with all the requirements for distance and safety, the work areas will be separated by plastic windows. There is also a small library. More vending machines from the new generation are also planned - with completely contactless access.

  • Gazeboes

    With the implementation of the Re:Share concept, the park is upgraded with two hi-tech gazeboes, located in front of Building A2.They constitute state-of-the-art structures with a unique and stylish, appearance that combines an innovative spirit, yet close to nature. Both facilities offer free Wi-Fi service. Moreover, they are fully soundproof and protected from any external impacts which makes them the ideal place for work. The glazed modules provide optimum sunlight and the external arbor reveals an impressive view towards the central lake.

  • Park and lake

    Tenants have the chance to daily enjoy 9,000 m2 of park environment of lush landscaping. The picturesque lake crossed by a pedestrian bridge accounts for an especially vibrant appearance of the overall park.

    The lake is inhabited by Koi – colored Japanese varieties of carp – better known as “living jewels.” They are highly regarded in the Land of the Rising Sun. Colored carp are a symbol of success, progress and achievement of high-level objectives.